Rosie the Maid is a family company characterized by having a personalized service with our clients. Also we have a hardworking, honest and experienced staff (bonded and insured) you will not have anything to worry about, not even the cleaning products that we provide and if you prefer for the well being of your home, your family and our environment we can use biodegradable cleaning products. Rosie the Maid is a company that provides professional services to real estate agents and home builders. For we know that to sell or rent a property it has to be perfectly clean and we are pleased to make your work shine. As we are a family company, our prices are reasonable and can accommodate most budgets. We will work with you to assess your needs and accommodate the schedule.



If you live in a pet-friendly household, you know how fun, funny and endearing a pet can be to have around, but with them comes a lot of pet hair. We pay special attention to vacuum or dust the areas where pet hair accumulates and thinking of their well-being, we use products that will not harm them, such as green products.


Rosie the Maid cares about the environment and above ll the well-being of your family and pets. For this reason, we offer our products like Simple Green and Melaleuca. We clean all your house bathrooms, floors and mirrors. Many families these days prefer to use green products to clean their house since many of the traditional products affect their asthma and allergies.


Hand wash baseboards (price depends on size of house) Ceiling Fans: hand cleaned fan blades and attached light fixtures Windows: wash window glass. Detailed cleaning of window tracks and window frames. Deep cleaning blinds. Oven Cleaning: inside detailed cleaning. Refrigerator: inside cleaning. Wash and disinfect cabinets and drawers.


Rosie the Maid offers Basic or Deep cleaning according to your needs. Whether it’s one-time, weekly, bi- weekly or every three weeks.


We know that good housekeeping is one of the best investments for selling a home


Rosie the Maid offers the service of move-in or move-out for landlords renting out homes or apartments that need cleaning after the tenant moves out or before getting a new one.



Rosie the Maid offers the service of move-in or move-out for landlords renting out homes or apartments that need cleaning after the tenant moves out or before getting a new one. We offer our complete cleaning services to apartment & condo residents. Whether it is one-time, weekly, bi-weekly or every three-weeks. COMMON AREA Dust all furniture. Straighten cushions & vacuum couches & chairs if needed. High dusting, shelves, armories & valances. Dust Knick Knacks. Wipe or dust door frames and knobs. Dust light fixtures, switch plates. Vacuum, sweep & mop floors. Remove cobwebs & trash.


Dust furniture including TV & Knick-Knacks. If sheets are left, we change the bed. If not we just make it. Vacuum or sweep & mop floors. Wipe window sills. Remove cobwebs and trash. Wash and dry sheets only when required. (This service has an extra charge)


Clean and disinfect toilets, showers, and tubs. Scrub and disinfect sinks, faucets & counters. Clean mirrors, polish chrome. Vacuum, sweep and mop floors.


Clean inside and outside of microwave. Clean the hood above the stove and the top, front of stove including the burners. Wipe top (if we can get to it) refrigerator and the sides. Wipe all other appliances: coffee pots, bread machines, ect. Wipe outside of cabinets. Clean counter tops, Knick Knacks and sink including faucets. Clean floors.

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